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Why Moola Capital’s trade finance services?

Because we understand that not everyone starts in a shiny new office, sometimes a briefcase is necessary to get started. We are business people too, therefore we understand your funding challenges and we will do everything in our power to help you ignite those growth opportunities.

Our Services


Purchase order financing is a form of funding that is available to entrepreneurs, small businesses, sole proprietors and companies who have been awarded a specific  contract by a Local or Central Government, State Owned Enterprises (also known as Parastatals) and large corporations to supply products or services.

Features and Benefits
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For a small business securing contract work that runs for a period of time represents a great opportunity to grow your establishment. However it can also come with issues like longer pay periods which can spell operational costs constraints. We understand the importance of your business winning and being able to sustain the contract to the end. Therefore we offer financing to cover specific operational costs and help you fund other projects and jobs that may arise.

Features and Benefits


Invoice factoring is an asset based type of lending where a business opens a line of credit leveraging their good accounts receivable as collateral. Moola Capital offers this service to companies that have already raised an invoice on the service or product they have delivered. In addition their customer being a State Owned Entity (Parastatal), Government department or a local corporate should be willing to sign a cession agreement.

Features and Benefits

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